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The crew of shard hunters found themselves at Naraku’s castle. They were battling him when he ran away as usual. When he disappeared the castle stayed which was odd.

Suddenly Inuyasha noticed a strong smell of blood. “What the hell?” said Inuyasha as he covered his mouth with his sleeve. “None of ya’ll are bleeding really bad are you?” asked Inuyasha turning to his friends. They all shook their heads and gave him a questioning look. “Why do ask Inuyasha?” asked Kagome. “I smell blood.” He said turning his face towards where the smell of blood was strongest. ”And a lot of it.”  

This time Miroku spoke up. “Should we follow it?” Inuyasha looked back at the group and nodded. “Yeah.” “Well where is it coming from?” asked Sango. Inuyasha turned toward the strong smell again and stared ahead. “Inside the castle.” The groups turned their eyes towards the sinister looking castle. Kagome nodded her head. “Alright. Let’s go.”

Following Inuyasha as he led them down a long corridor. All the rooms were empty but when they opened the door to the very last one they couldn’t believe what they saw.

In the center of the room was a chained man hanging from the ceiling by his wrists. He had wounds covering his body almost like he had been whipped. There was a hole about the size of Inuyasha’s fist through his stomach and a similar hole in his shoulder. His wounds were slowly seeping blood like they were fresh. All they could do was stand and stare at the horrid site before them.

“Who could have done such a thing?” asked Kagome from behind her trembling hand staring at the bleeding man before her with wide eyes. Inuyasha growled, “Naraku, that’s who.” hate pouring into every word. “I didn’t think Naraku would ever stoop so low as to torture someone.” Said Sango with her head down not wanting to stare at the gruesome site before her. Even Miroku couldn’t suppress a shudder from going down his spine. “This, indeed, is quite gruesome, even for Naraku.” Said Miroku praying for the poor soul of the man to rest in peace. “I wonder who Naraku would even do this too.” Inuyasha said taking a step forward. As soon as his foot entered the room he was thrown back into the wall. Kagome was at his side as soon as he hit the floor. “Inuyasha, are you okay?” Said half-demon ignored her and sat up. “What the hell? A barrier?” Inuyasha said confused.

“Guy’s! Look!” said Sango pointing at the now visible barrier thanks to the contact to Inuyasha. They looked at the barrier to see that there was an agitated line of what looked like electricity steadily making its way up from the base of the barrier to the top. The groups eyes followed it as it made its way to the top center most part of the barrier and saw that the man’s chains seemed to be the focal point of the barrier.

They all watched in horror as the angry bolt of electricity made its way to the chains. Electrocuting the man attached to them. They all flinched and covered their ears, tears springing to the girl’s eyes, the boys watching with a sickening feeling as the man tensed, throwing his head back and letting out the most pained yell they never wanted to hear. Once the yelling stopped the man slumped, limply hanging as fresh blood fell from his mouth, his bangs falling to hide his face.

After a minute of silence, Inuyasha broke the silence stating the question that they all had but were too shocked to say. “He’s…he’s still alive?”

That’s when Kagome snapped. “Inuyasha, can you break that barrier?” Inuyasha looked at looked at her but never answered. “Well can you?” she said getting impatient. By now both Sango and Miroku were looking at her. Inuyasha finally snapped out of it. “Huh? Yeah, of course.” He said still in a daze. “Then do it.” said Kagome pointing at the now invisible barrier. Inuyasha just nodded dumbly and stood up pulling out the Tetsiguia (sp?). The rest of the group stood back against the corridor wall as they watched the blade change from its normal metallic sheen to a dark blood red hue. “Here goes noting.” Said Inuyasha as he brought the blade down to cut cleanly through the barrier.

They all let out a sigh of relief when the barrier dissipated without shocking the crap out of the poor man. Once it was gone they quickly made their way into the room. “How are we to get him down?” Asked Sango looking at the chains and not liking the look of how thick they were.

Looking around Kagome spotted what seemed to be a lever on the wall farthest from the door. “There.” She said pointing to the lever. “Sango you pull the lever while me and Miroku stand under him to catch him.” said Inuyasha waving Miroku over to help him. “Alright” said Sango as she went over to the lever. “Ready?” she said looking at the guys with her hands ready to pull. When both nodded she slowly pulled down the lever watching as the man made his way down at an agonizingly slow pace.Luckily he wasn’t that high off the ground. Only about three or four feet.

Once the man was down to where he was able to lay down on wooden floor and the chains were loosely hanging, no longer lifting his arms, was when Sango stopped the lever and walked over where the man now laid. When Sango got closer and was able to get a better look at the chain, her eyes widened and turned to Inuyasha who was about to grip the chain with his bare hands.

“Inuyasha! Don’t touch the chain!” The inu-hanyou froze and looked at the demon slayer with confused eyes. “Why the hell not.” Looking at him with serious eyes she explained. “Its youkia chain.” He looked at her, still confused. “And that is?” she sighed and went into more detail. “It is chain meant to contain youkia.”

“Well I figured that much!” he said aggravated that she couldn't get to the point fast enough. Glaring at the infuriated demon she continued. “Whatever youkia is chained with these will slowly and painfully have its youki drained from their body leaving them weak and powerless.” She said finished with her explanation.

Inuyasha’s eyes showed understanding and he quickly moved his hand away from the now sinister looking chains. “Oh.” Kagome finally decided to come into the conversation. “So that means that this man is a demon?” she asked surprised that she couldn’t sense any youki coming from him. “So it would seem. His youki must be deathly low since it seems none of us were able to sense that he was, indeed, a demon.” Said Sango looking sadly at the man whose head was turned to the side.

“How are we going to get them off of him?” Asked Kagome. “Look! There’s a key over there!” said Shippo finally making himself known from his place in Kagome’s arms where he had been through the whole ordeal. Kagome squeezed the kit in her arms, “Good job Shippo!” she said as she retrieved the key and brought it back to the group.

She handed the key to Miroku since Inuyasha couldn’t touch the chains and watched in horror as he unlocked the wristlet and have to peel the metal away from the now demon’s wrist. He must have been hanging for a long time for them to become so embedded into his wrist. Thought Kagome with sad eyes. After removing the cuffs from the demon who weakly grunted in protest, Miroku looked up at Kagome. “Lady Kagome, do you think you could quickly wrap his more serious wounds so we can move him to a safer location?” Said school girl looked at him and nodded putting Shippo down and quickly digging through her giant yellow backpack for her first aid kit.

Once Kagome had finished they had decided to have Miroku and Inuyasha carry the demon with his arms thrown over their shoulders since he would be too hard to try and keep balanced on Kirara because of his immense size. Kagome could swear that he was taller than Sesshomaru.

Nobody was shocked that as soon as they step foot outside the castle gates that the castle itself started to disappear. Once they made it to a clearing in the forest they stopped and set up camp. Once the demon had been properly bandaged and everyone had eaten the group decided that it was late even though the sun had yet to completely disappear and that they all needed to rest after such an eventful day as Miroku put it.

Morning came and everyone was up just as dawn broke. Inuyasha had caught the group some fish from a nearby stream that were now cooking by the fire on sticks, the group waiting patiently for them to be finished. As this was going on, not too far away from the fire Kagome was checking up on the demon that had yet to wake up from his slumber.

Finally having better light to see him, Kagome took the time to get a better look at the demon. He had short spiky brown hair which she thought was weird since most the demons she meet had long hair either left down or braided. His skin was a nice tan color that most girls from her time would die to have naturally instead of having to lay out in the hot sun or tan in a tanning bed. What she thought was odd though was the markings on his face. Instead of purple lines coming across his checks or a crescent moon on his forehead he had, what looked like to be large smooth red fangs, on his checks. Each fang was curved in, pointing at the corners of his mouth.  What amazed her was that they didn’t look weird or out of place on his face. They flowed with the structure of his jaw and check bones. Kagome had to admit that he was quite handsome. Now only if she knew what his eyes looked like. She sighed. She’ll have to just wait until he wakes up. With her examination of the sleeping demon over she decided that it was time to eat.

All of a sudden Inuyasha’s head shot up from with eyes big. At the same moment the demon shot up into a sitting position, eyes wide then squeezing shut as he gripped his mid-section as a sudden stab of pain racked through his torso. The humans in the group looked curiously at the demons in the group. It seemed that not only Inuyasha and the demon heard whatever it was but also the kit and cat demon. Shippo looked around with wide eyes.

“Wh-what was that?” said the kit with a scared and slightly freaked face. Kagome walked over to the demon and knelt down next to him. “You heard something too?” she asked him, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Inuyasha looked over at the demon. He was covered in sweat, trembling from his lack of strength and had one eye closed in a grimace as he held his midsection. Both Inuyasha and Kagome turned back to group when he heard Miroku ask Shippo what he heard. “I-it sounded like-like a kid screaming for his papa. Whoever it was sound really scared.” Said the kit with a shaky voice. He looked down. “They sounded so desperate.” That voice had completely freaked him out. Kagome turned back to look at the injured demon when she heard him whisper something. “What did you say?” she asked gently.

Suddenly the demon shot forward. Kagome jumped from his sudden action. He finally staggered to his feet. When he started to lean a little too far in one direction Kagome jumped up and quickly took hold of his arm, steadying the demon. She barely came up to his shoulder. She looked up at his face which was tilting down showing how tiring the action was. He was breathing heavily, his hair sticking to his face in places, his eyes shut tight showing that it had also caused him pain.

“You shouldn’t be moving. You need to rest.” Said Kagome trying to gently pull him back to the bedding. He opened his eyes turning them to look her straight in the eyes. His eyes were looking at her with a look of desperation and worry, glossed over with a sheen of pain.

“I have to…” he said between pants, “I have to save my pup.”

Kagome’s eyes widened along with Inuyasha’s who had heard the almost whisper. “That…that was your pup just now?” she asked in a low, shocked voice.

The demon looked away, “I have to go” he said taking a shaky step forward, easily slipping out of her loosened hold. He almost fell again but Inuyasha had jumped down from his spot in the tree above him and caught him, steading the injured demon. Once he was sure the demon could stand on his own he looked over to Sango.

Before he could even say her name she had already called Kirara who was already transformed and ready to go. Inuyasha helped the older demon onto Kirara ordering Sango to ride with him so he didn’t fall off. “Kirara I want you to take him ta were you heard the scream as fast as you can. The rest of us will be right behind you guys.”
Old Friend
Again this is just a story that im trying out. not really sure where im going with this. if you have any ideas that you might have please comment. I know i want to add some more to it. if you wanna know the jest of what i do have besides this i can tell ya a short version of it. that is if you need it ta give ideas as to where its going. Anyway please comment!!!! 
Kiba was running through the forest with a smile on his face. At the moment he was play hide and seek with his pups. They had begged him to play with them after they had got done eating lunch. There wasn't much to do so he was like ‘what the heck.’ Currently he was tracking down the youngest two of his little pack, Riku and Haru, the twin dragon demons. He had let them and there older adopted sister, Suki, who was a panther Hanyou, get at least a 5 minute head start.

He could smell the twins were close so he slowed down into a walk. He knew they were in the tree a little in front of him so he decided he would let them have their fun. Kiba walked slowly under the tree were he knew his pups were hiding. He could hear their panting from the quick sprint they did to go hide. He inwardly smiled. He would have to start their training soon.

Kiba stopped under the tree. “Now I know they're around here somewhere.” he said to himself, just loud enough for them to hear. He heard them try to hold in a giggle and then them move into position. He looked around some more, trying to look confused. “Hmm…I guess they aren’t here.”

Just as he was about to start to walk away he heard them pounce. Before they landed on his head he turned around and caught both pups in his arms, falling on the grass just to add to the act.
“We gotcha!” yelled both boys with a big smile as they sat up in his arms. He looked at them and smiled. “Heh, I thought that was my job?” They just giggled at him.

Kiba stood up and put the pups on the ground. He looked around. “Now where did Akamaru go?” he said scratching he head. Before he could yell his name there was a bark from behind the pups making them jump a good 2 feet into the air. As soon as their feet touched the ground they ran behind their fathers leg. Kiba barked out a laugh as Akamaru walked out of the bushes. “He didn’t scare you two now did he?” asked Kiba looking down at the boys with a death grip on his leg.

They peaked around his leg and saw that the bark had come from their fathers faithful companion, Akamaru. Running out from behind his leg, they ran to the giant white dog who lowered his large head so they could wrap their small arms around it in a hug. “Akamaru!!” they yelled, instantly forgetting their fear.

Kiba smiled. “Why don’t you two ride on Akamaru and help me search for your sister.”

They released the dogs and and smiled up to their dad. “Okay!” they said happily as the climbed onto Akamaru who laid down on his belly so they could get on. Once on, Kiba turned around and sniffed. He smiled when he found his daughters scent. “Lets go!”

After a few minutes Kiba was starting to get a little worried. He had been following his daughters scent when he noticed that she had come farther then what she knew was too far from their home.

Their home was in the middle of the forest about a good half a days’ walk from the nearest village. Unfortunately, Suki had decided to head in the direction of said village and now was way too close for Kibas liking. And knowing his daughter she would be so into their little game that she would run right out of the cover of the woods and straight into the village.

Just then he heard a scream. A scream that he knew came from Suki. He heard the twins whimper for their sister behind him and Akamaru growl.

He picked up his pace no longer thinking of the game and bolted toward where he knew she was, in the village.
The Village
This is a story im just starting. im not quite sure where its going after a certain point so at the moment im just wondering what people think of the idea. its basically naruto characters in the setting of inuyasha.
Demon Tenten by bestredhalloween
Demon Tenten
I'm planning on writing a story with nejiten and kibahina...I'm still tryin ta figure out everyone but I did figure tenten out. Shes supposed ta be a Dragon demon. if you ask i might give tell you about the story. i will say that its naruto characters but in the setting of Inuyasha. All the stories im tryin ta write at the moment are. Id like someone ta draw this digitally and even help me draw kiba that way to cause i dont have any digital drawing system but gimp. 

Please comment and like!!!


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