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Chapter 3

Hinata felt so warm. She was standing in a field of flowers enjoying the warm breeze blowing through her hair. Everything was so calming. Hinata felt like she didn't have a care in the world.

But in the mist of this calming feeling there was also a warm wet feeling. It felt like something had been spilt onto her stomach. Touching her stomach with her hand, she could feel that it was thick even though her shirt had soaked up most of it. Bringing her hand to her face, she saw that it was a dark red color. Tilting her head down, she saw that the red spot on her stomach was slowly getting bigger. Furrowing her brows, Hinata looked back at her hand. After a few seconds, her eyes widened. She knew exactly was on her hands.

Bolting upright, Hinata frantically looked around. The cabin was dark except for the living room which was illuminated by the still burning fire. By the looks of the fire she guessed that she was asleep for at least an hour and a half. She was still on the couch, squished between it and the Kiba. Akamaru and Lilac were sitting next to the couch with their heads on Kiba's arm, which she noticed was clinching the couch and blanket with a death like grip, turning his knuckles a pale white color.

Both the dogs whined at Hinata, bringing her out of her trance that she didn't even know she fell into. Looking at the dogs, Hinata realized that her hand felt slightly wet. She brought her hand up to her face and again, she saw the image that was forever burned into her brain. The image of her hand covered in blood.

' Wait…blood?! ' Looking down, Hinata gasped at what she saw.

Kiba's stomach and chest was covered in blood, rising and falling with sharp breaths that seemed to cause him pain at every intake of air. His face was contorted into a face of pain, sweet rolling down his forehead. Before Hinata could react, he started coughing, blood rolling out the side of his mouth.

"Crap!" whispered Hinata, bolting off the couch careful not hurt Kiba.

Running into the bathroom, she grabs the small garbage can by the toilet, glade that she had emptied it the other day, and sprinted her way back to the couch. Once there, she put the garbage can on his lap and reaching over it, grabs his shoulders, pulling him up into a sitting position. As soon as he was up the blood that was blocking his air way was forced out of his mouth and luckily into the waiting garbage can.

When he had finished and had gotten his breath back, Hinata slowly and as carefully as she could, laid him back down and then removed the garbage can from his lap to the floor. "Now to stop the bleeding" said Hinata, making her way back to the bathroom. Grabbing gauze, an old rag, some old bandages, and her bath robe (she didn't want to be working in her bra and underwear), Hinata made her way to the kitchen to get a bowl and fill it with water. Once done with that she went to the couch and kneeling down, put all the supplies onto the floor next to her.

After rolling her sleeves up, Hinata removed the coverings she had wrapped his chest in earlier and dipped the rag into the warm water next her and wrung it out. Looking back at the gash, Hinata felt herself cringe at the amount of blood covering his torso. 'I can't believe I let myself fall asleep. I should have known that with his body temperature returning to normal that his blood flow would also return to normal.' Exasperated at her own stupidity, Hinata started to clean his wound.

Once done cleaning it, she had to then go get a needle to sew the gash up with. After that was finished, she covered it with gauze and wrapped it in bandages to hold the gauze in place. When she was completely done with it, Kiba's whole torso was wrapped up in clean white bandages. Hinata thought he kind of looked like a mummy, making her giggle even though the moment was serious. All in all, she felt she had done her best, even though she was almost positive that he was going to have a scar on his chest for the rest of his life, but other than that she was pretty happy with her work.

Hinata was cleaning up her mess when out of the corner of her eye she saw something shining. Looking at it with a face of confusion, Hinata saw that there was a few drops of blood about the size of a quarter at the other end of the couch where Kiba's feet were. Hinata sat there looking at it for a few seconds till it finally clicked. With a gasp, Hinata left her stuff and quickly threw back the blankets covering Kiba's feet.

Underneath the covers, Kiba's right leg had a small trickle of blood rolling down the side. The hole where his bone was sticking out of earlier had opened again and the skin around it was now a dark purple color. Checking to make sure the bone was still set; Hinata began to slowly clean the wound. Luckily the hole wasn't too big so she wouldn't have to sew up another wound; instead she just covered it in gauze and wrapped it up. Pulling the covers back over his legs, Hinata proceeded to finish cleaning up her mess that she had left earlier.

Once she had finished that, she looked down at herself and saw that she was covered in blood along with her now ruined bathrobe. Checking to make sure Kiba wasn't in any immediate danger of bleeding to death; Hinata finally made her way to her room and, grabbing a clean pair of clothes, proceeded to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower.

Back in the corner of the room, Akamaru and Lilac sat looking at the hallway that Hinata had disappeared into. After a few seconds, Akamaru spoke in the language that all dogs speak. A language that all dogs understand and only a select few humans could understand, for example, the man on the couch and the female in the shower.

"And you want me to trust this woman?" asked Akamaru, looking at the light purple dog next to him. Still looking at the hall where her master had disappeared through, Lilac spoke with a gentle voice full of love and understanding. "I can understand your reason for worrying, but nobody is perfect. Not even Hinata. She makes mistakes just as the next person does."

Akamaru looked at her with a face of complete disbelief. "Mistake? Kiba almost bleed to death!" Akamaru sat there staring at her, waiting for her to say something back. He saw her look away from the hall and look over at his master lying on the couch. When she looked at Kiba, he saw her face slowly change to that of sadness. "That is true. He did almost die."

Akamaru was about to say something but was cut off. "But look at him." Closing his mouth, he gave her a confused look before turning to look at his best friend. "See how his chest rises and falls? Hear the beating of hit heart? All of this should be telling you something." Lilac turned to look at Akamaru.

Feeling her eyes on him, Akamaru looked back at her and saw that she seemed to be waiting for him to answer. "What?" In all honesty, Akamaru was completely confused. He had no idea what she was trying to get at.

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Lilac shook her head, rolling her eyes in the process. "It should be telling you that he is alive." Still looking at him, Lilac watched as his eyes got big as he finally put the pieces together. 'Males' thought Lilac as she turned to look back at the one on the couch. "Even though he almost bleed to death, Hinata did all she could to make sure that he lived. So don't give up on her just yet. Give her a chance."

Finished, Lilac looked back at Akamaru. He was looking at Kiba, thinking about what Lilac had just said. He had to admit she had a point. If it wasn't for the female, Kiba and he would probably still be in the woods. And Kiba was still alive.

After a few moments of Akamaru staring at Kiba, Lilac started to get worried. Leaning closer to him, she gently nuzzled her way into his neck fur. "Please just promise to give her another chance," whispered Lilac.

Feeling her nuzzle his neck, Akamaru was brought out of his thoughts. She was so warm. And she was the perfect size for him; she was only about a foot shorter than he was and being the size he is, he thought he would never find a female that could stand next to him and come up past his chest. She didn't judge him either. She didn't think badly of him because he stayed with a master that was looked upon as a filthy monster. And turning his head down to return her nuzzle, he knew that he had found the one he want to be with and to call her his mate. "I promise."

Happy that he had promised, Lilac pulled back and lovingly nuzzled the side of his face, in which he happily returned.
finally put up the third chapter...srry it took so long...been busy with school...finals are next i hope you like it...tell me what you think and please comment (which are like the same thing lol)

ENJOY!!!!! :D

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